09 August 2010

Things That Make Ya Go Hmmmmm!

His middle name is "Hussein".
He lived in Muslim Indonesia during his formative years.
He attended Muslim schools there.
During his campaign for President, he referred to the
"57 States".
He bowed deeply to the Saudi King, then denied doing it in spite of obvious photographic evidence to the contrary.
He referred to America as
"One of the largest Muslim countries in the world".
Our first lady is in Spain, visiting Marbella, a city with a shady Arabic history, at a time when many Americans are rightfully concerned about the implications of current events in our own back yard.

Do I think Barack Obama is a Muslim?

Do I think he's being intentionally provocative to sew division, confusion, and hatred?
How would you explain the totality of the above list?

ThirdWaveDave emailed this link, which was new to me, but fits right in duddin' it?!
(Interesting comments at that post, now more than two years old!)


Radio Patriot said...

Do I think he's a Muslim? Yes. At the very least, he's a Muslim sympathizer who identifies more with that culture than America's.

But I do think he's a closet Muslim. And that closet is getting pretty crowded, IYKWIMAITYD.

Peter said...

i think the jews are the ones pulling the strings behind all of that..

the golden horse said...

There have been some verbal slip ups made by him and his wife as to his connection to being a Muslim.
He was raised a Muslim and that is something you just don't walk away from.
His disconnect of other religions and not going to church while in the WH and his insensitivity that speaks volumns to me.
His actions, or lack there of speak loudly.
I have to go with my gut on this one and agree with the RP.

cc said...

Looks like a devout Catholic saint to me, if we were to go by the photo you posted. Suddenly I'm feeling all peaceful and contrite. Thank you!

The Old Man said...

My Avast went "ding!" when I followed the link and claimed it blocked a trojan from that site.

Just sayin'...