07 August 2010

"How Am I Doin'?"

That's a question you'd hear from a Democrat I learned to love...
Former New York Mayor Ed Koch. He'd regularly get out amongst his constituents and ask 'em, "How am I doin'?",
and then he'd actually listen to their response. I don't know how often he got useful information from folks on the street and put it into action, but at least he wasn't tone deaf to voter's desires.

Can you imagine Bozama walking the streets of Plaquemines Parish Louisiana asking "Hey, how am I doin'?"
His secret service agents would have to form a barricade around him.

In order to stand in place, this economy needs to be creating (not "saving!") 100,000 jobs per month...
Remember, that's just to "Mark Time"...
100,000 jobs PER MONTH.
Last month the nation LOST 71,000 jobs "unexpectedly". (I put unexpectedly in quotes because I think the only people who were surprised by the job loss were the media folks trying desperately to convince the stupid amongst us we really are in a "Recovery Summer".)
So instead of gaining 100,000 jobs, we lost 71,000.
We're diggin' ourselves a deep hole!

Damn that George Bush!

But have no worries you "little people"...
While you're out lookin' for work, Michelle is in Spain spending 375,000 of your tax dollars, and Barry is in Chicago shaking hands with corrupt Banker Alexi Giannoulias.
(I wonder if the President(?) had time to drop by and see his good buddy Tony Rezko in jail this trip home?)

Folks, the country is in the best of hands.

Okay, you tell me...
Is the number -143,000, -131,000, -97,000, -71,000, or -65,000?
Whatever it is, it ain't good.

Updated Update:
From Instapundit, introducing...
Michelle Antoinette!
Let 'em eat cake!


the golden horse said...

Yeah and 40 of her daughter's little friends. Don't you love paying for a big chunk of this. I haven't had a vacation in almost 3 years. And not one round of golf.
And I love that the family dog had to take a separate plane to Maine. The excuse was lame. I think the other explanation was right on.
And I think a law should be passed that if the President is out stumping for his party, at the cost of ALL the Americans, his party should pick up the tab.
This goes for either party. It isn't right for us to be told to tighten our belts and be patient, when I am paying for half of that trip that I neither asked for nor wanted.

cj said...

Did you see where Government Motors is building a new 500 million dollar plant - in Mexico.

That will help save jobs!