29 August 2010

A Poll I'd Like To See:

Liberals are incredulous at the stupidity of those polled...
Apparently almost 25 percent of the citizenry now think Bozama is a Muslim.

Here's what I'd like pollsters to do-
Go to Kenya and ask Muslims there if THEY THINK Bozama is Muslim.
What do you think the percentages would be there?


Timothy Frazier said...

Good 'un! It's sure hard to be sure, that's for sure! Considering the fact that Muslims don't have to admit they're Muslims if they think it would hurt their cause to do so.

All I know is, he sure doesn't seem to be a Christian like he's claimed in the past.

cj said...

Haven't they already said he's a Muslim?


Greybeard said...

My point, CJ, is that the media is calling 25% of the voters here idiots for thinking he's a Muslim. What percentage of REAL Muslims, looking at his behavior, think he's Muslim? Wouldn't they be able to pick one out of a crowd better than we?
Do THAT Poll, Washington Post or NY Times! Then call them idiots if you want.

the golden horse said...

His pandering to the muslim world over the residents of his own country speaks volumns to me.
I cannot accept the story of his being a Christian, since sitting in the church of Wright's for 20 years and hearing that vitriol. No honest Christian would have put up with that. He sat there, because that is what he wanted to hear.
As for the muslims, well, he is a tool for them.

cary said...

tgh: four of your last six words are highly accurate, imho.

muslim? Really? Is that why he takes such obvious glee in tearing this country apart, since direct physical attacks didn't seem to work?

PRH....... said...

Muslim, Kenyan, asreshole, Marxist? Quite a few adj that can't used for The Obummer...regardless he is one useless Anti Amercan SOB.