13 August 2010


Are you familiar with the term "Taqqiyah"?
If not, it'd be to your advantage to get familiar with it quickly...
'Cause things around us are sure happening quickly!

Be prepared, or be a victim.


the golden horse said...

His support of the Mosque, was the final straw for me.
In one survey I read 89% are against it and 88% disfavor the allmighty one.
I was going back and reading blogs from 2008 on the belief of him practicing taqqiyah and the consesus was overwhelmingly yes, he does.
I pray the American public can see this.
The other night on Fox a Ms. Raza fromt he Muslim Center in Canada was very much against the Mosque and she confirmed the belief that a mosque is built on the sight of a victory. She was a wonderful speaker and put everything into perspective.

Anonymous said...

So, was Ms. Raza telling the truth?

A very wise man (my dad) told me in 2003 not to trust these people. He said, "you never know what they are thinking" even though they claim to be kind, loving people.


the golden horse said...


I don't know which bothers me more, their verbal outbursts or their silence.
Silence usually means consensus.
And why is it only Americans or Christians that have to practice tolerance? Isn't their religion suppose to be one of peace and tolerance.
When a so called religion tells me their koran tells them to kill Americans, I find that beyond belief since that book was written before we existed.
All I know is, I have my antenna on high alert.
I do think Ms. Raza was honest as well as frustrated, but then again, there are many thespians in the world.
I think your dad was a very smart man.