09 January 2010

Precious Metals @ 8 January, 2010

Not that you've noticed, but due to all the commotion... L.A. and several points between, I've been tardy in staying on top of my precious metals posts. My last post on the subject cited the market close on 18 December.
Here's the 8 January update:
Gold closed at $1138.70, up from $1112.00 three weeks ago.
Silver closed at $18.51, up from $17.32 at that time.
Both metals are higher than they have been for the last couple weeks... experts indicating they were pushed down during my hiatus due to profit-taking.

Today's unemployment numbers are ugly.
Housing numbers have been revised downward.
GM just got another massive infusion of taxpayer cash.

Not concerned? Please give me any reason to be optimistic.

"These negotiations will be conducted on C-Span!"...
The media is finally catching on that "Bozama truth" means whatever he wants it to mean.
The start of the rough ride I've been anxious about may be just around the corner.

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