08 January 2010

"Do You Have Your 'Phone?"

That's normally the last question she asks me as I go out the door to work.
(And if she doesn't ask, inevitably she'll hear my cell phone ring in the next room when she tries to call me.)

I don't really care if my phone can take pictures. I don't need it to wake me. I'll keep track of my own anniversary, thank you veddy much. I just wish my phone would efficiently do what I bought it to do... transmit and receive telephone calls so I'm not continually asking "Can you hear me now?", or "Are you still there?"

This thing looks a little bulky, but at $200 or so the price is right and a smaller version is probably just around the corner. If something similar is always strapped to my wrist the last question she'll be asking as I go out the door will be "Do you have the communicator for your watchphone?"
And another thought...
Will we now have to start worrying about wrist cancer?



cj said...


I don't want a phone that looks like a watch.

I want a phone that works.

Technology is such a double-edged sword. Don't keep adding bells and whistles when the service itself sucks.


the golden horse said...

You sound like me. The last time I went in to buy a phone, I told the guy, just give me a phone that does hello and goodbye. You would have thought I had a horn in the middle of my forehead.
Glad to hear, I am not alone.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Interesting watch. Small. Wearable. Basic.

But cj makes an excellent point: it's about service. I have AT&T, a service that I got "for cheap" when my work phone was repo'd. And let me tell you unequivocally: AT&T coverage DOES suck.

I'm just not into spending money and money and money on phones and plans and such.

I guess I'm such a techno-throwback: an analog guy in a digital world, who's hurling punches blindly at shapes and colors.


cj said...

Well, mine does the hello and good bye; it's the in between that's iffy.