16 January 2010

Neat Stuff

Seems the technology is almost here for the "personal" helicopter:


The Old Man said...

That is such a cool toy I canna believe it. Looks like a modded Bell-Hiller set-up. Wonder what the pilot license requirements are? Ultra-light, anyone?

Gonna build one? Or will SJ bounce ya?

Greybeard said...

Brother, my thoughts on any "fling-wing flying thing" are to allow others to go out and find out what parts will break, how they'll break, and how often. Only after a few others have figured out how to make it dependable will I consider strapping the thing on. I also want to make sure it can autorotate without looking like a scene from a Monty Python movie!

I think the upper weight limit for ultralights is something like 265 pounds, so at 75 kg. (165 lbs.) it meets that requirement. If it does what they say, it will burn approx. five gallons an hour (oil mixed too since it's a two stroke?), while going 60 mph... pretty thirsty. Still, it's a start. Coaxial-rotor machines are naturally more stable, so it should be relatively easy to fly.
How 'bout you?
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