24 January 2010

The Little Shop Around The Corner!

I'm into book sales now. My cousin Becky... a sweeter, gentler soul you'll never meet, has written a book.
Today I received this note via email:

"Would you mind putting something about this in your blog? Guaranteed to make you smile -- In 6 weeks, my first novel, 'Non-Prophet Murders: A Grit and Grace Mystery,' will be available here and at other book websites and by order from any bookstore.
It is a contemporary, humorous, clerical crime novel set in a small University town in the South. Or message me for an autographed copy. $22 – no postage."

Becky is a true Christian... none of this Pat Robertson hypocrite stuff that offends us all. I'll be one of the first in line for an autographed copy.
If you like to read, please give her your consideration.


jinksto said...

I'm in for an autographed copy too! Can you relay my contact info to her please.

Greybeard said...

Check your email TJ.

cj said...

How cool for you cousin! I'll have to see about getting a copy to review on my book blog!


cj said...

So, I tried the link, which took me to the general search page of Amazon and when I searched for the book by title, I got a link that said the book was only available as a used book for $26. Got a different link I can use?


Greybeard said...

Let me bring her here to clarify things, CJ. Standby.

churchsecrets said...

It could be 6 weeks before the book is available on Amazon.com. I will be getting copies sometime before then, and yes, it retails for 26, but I will be able to sell them autographed for 22 - no postage. A good deal, but I need name, address, etc. Where is the book club?