27 January 2010

How To Pass A Health Care Reform Bill-

1. Establish Health Savings Accounts,
2. Allow Interstate Sales of Health Insurance Policies,
And the most difficult of my suggestions...
3. Get Ambulance chasing Attorneys (and attendant costs) under control by limiting judgments in malpractice suits.

(And Docs... you can help us, and yourselves, by policing your peers!)


cj said...


You don't want everyone to know it really isn't 2,000 pages complicated, do you? I mean, really now, GB!


the golden horse said...

Wouldn't hurt to add to this bill, getting Big Pharma under control and something done with unions taking over with incredible salaries. No more back room deals would be nice in a perfect world.
Competition is always good for business, so I agree, open up the markets for the insurance companies.
The Gov't is quick to put the all the blame on the insurance companies, but in reality, they are reacting to what is happening to the market, the out of control law suits, the Big Pharma prices and the unions. Gov't makes it seem dirty to make a profit. When in reality insurance companies are only reaping a 2-31/2% profit, last year was about 3.4%, and are number 86 in industry rankings. Doesn't seem to outlandish.
All three were huge contributors to this last election and are staying amazingly quiet right now while someone else does their fighting for them.
There is no logical or legal reason to take insurance from hard working Americans, happy with their care, that pay their share and give it to people who refuse to work for theirs.
When you narrow it done to the number who truly need insurance, it comes to 10-12 million.
I refuse to pay for the illegals, the ones that just opted out to save money and the ones that didn't take the time to properly fill out their paperwork.
Much could be done, but they are riding the wrong horse for the wrong reasons.

The Old Man said...

Don't forget "loser pays" for malpractice suits that go Tango Uniform...

Flightfire said...

What do you do for people who can't afford insurance coverage or people who are sick but didn't buy insurance coverage?

Do we let them die?