13 January 2010

"Bottom Looks Like Up!"

I've heard it from alcoholic friends...
When you truly hit bottom you have a near-impossible choice to make...
You can change, painfully.
You can die.
Most wait until the "bottom looks like up" before they realize they have to make that decision.

As a country, for years we've been addicted to spending "other people's money".
That money supply is about to be cut off, and like an alcoholic, we're going to suffer withdrawal symptoms. We're not there yet...
we've not yet quite reached bottom.
I think the country is now in a flat spin...
A trajectory that is difficult, but not impossible to change.
Will we realize we have to take extraordinary measures to recover, or will we have to crash, ("Bottom looks like up") before realizing how much trouble we're in?

I'm taking another step to reduce my blood pressure...
I'm taking a hiatus on political posts. It's a waste of everyone's time.
The coming tragedy now looks so certain, all I can do is be amused by those who choose to cover their eyes and ears while still talking hope and change.

To those like-minded individuals out there, I leave you with a checklist-
It's long, detailed, and sometimes difficult to read because English is "Ferfal's" second language.
But I believe those that read and heed the suggestions given here will be glad they expended the effort.

Deep breath now...
Brothers and sisters- God Bless and be with us all.


cj said...

You're not disappearing, are you?


Greybeard said...

No CJ, I'm not giving up...
I just need to re-evaluate why behavior that seems so obviously self-destructive to me is not obvious to others.
I'm worn out by people who seem intelligent, but continue to destroy my country by rewarding failure.
How quickly can we race to the bottom?

ASM826 said...

I understand. It's why I started posting about my Scouting memories, personal stories, etc. I can occasionally put up something political, but you just can't stand on the hilltop shouting a warning all the time.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Unfortunately, Greybeard, I'm of a like mind. Just why is it that apparently intelligent individuals can't see what's glaringly in front of their collective faces?

I know my bp will likewise suffer, but I'm going to continue tilting at windmills. We're all in the same boat. I won't go away if you won't go away. I enjoy your writing too much.


cj said...

I also understand. It's why I take breaks every so often, until I see or hear something I simply cannot let go for fear my head will explode.

Watch the Brown/Coakley election next week. It may be a glimmer of hope.


the golden horse said...

GB, I understand your frustration. I too, take breaks once in awhile to clean out the cobwebs in my brain on the destruction of this country. Just don't stop entirely, you have too much to give to the masses.
CJ, I am praying that Brown pulls off the near impossible, but they said that about NJ a few months back.
If you check out Coakley, you will see why. She purposely kept a man in prison for four years, knowing he was innocent. All to further her career.
I wouldn't vote for her, if she was the last one standing.
May she rot and not in peace.

jinksto said...

Taking a break from political posts is fine... That doesn't mean you get a break from non-political posts. :)

Stay sane. We'll need you.