25 December 2009

S, I B Sad

This is a time to be shared with family and loved ones.
There should be turkey and fixin's on the table and laughter in the air.
The fire should be crackling in the fireplace.
Lemme look around again...

I worked the night of Christmas Eve. I'm working tonight. Big Bubba couldn't come home this year 'cause funds are tight and he needs to conserve them for his move to L.A...
I'll be headed to Phoenix tomorrow to help him load the moving van and move his stuff.
Knowing this Christmas was going to be... odd, Sara Jean bugged out two days ago to spend these days with her extended family.
I called my wife, and she's having a great time.
I called my son. He's with friends in Phoenix, watching their 2 year old grandchild excitedly open gifts. It was hard to understand him because of the noise and laughter in the background.

My Christmas will be late this year. It starts tomorrow in Phoenix.
Be safe and well everyone.


Rita said...

Awww, poor baby. Merry Christmas, at least the rest of your family is enjoying their holiday.

Drive safe, I saw there was a huge pileup in Phoenix yesterday b/c of a dust storm.

cj said...

GB -

I hated those delayed celebrations caused by work!

Be careful on the left coast. God alone knows what might happen to you out there!


Clint said...

Good Luck....i'll be thinkin about ya....

Terry said...

Merry Xmas
Be safe on the trip,
As like you and many others like us, Xmas and New Years slide by as we sit and wait to help our fellow man in time of need.

My thoughts are with you my friend

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I worked Christmas Eve.

Luckily, I had Christmas off. It only took me 30 years of work to do so.

Today? The day AFTER Christmas?

Evidently, 30 years doesn't get you THAT day off.


Anonymous said...

Geez GB,
You sure know how to get to a girl....yeah, I'm thinking of you. Be careful with the move and THEN have a Happy New Year and a Happy Anniversary.

Your pal,