02 December 2009

Choosing Sides

For the left, the "Corps of Cadets" is "enemy territory":

Here's a guy that would be perfectly comfortable "behind enemy lines":

The revolution is coming. The question is, how will it unfold?
Who is "The Enemy"?
Which camp are you in?


Crown-n-coke said...

WOW this guy is the man!

cscscscs said...

whichever one YOU are not in.

cj said...

I'm with you Crown...

And cscscscs, that's good to know.

I'd vote for Lt. Col West for having his priorities straight and for understanding what made this nation.

Also, if you're wondering like I was where you may have heard the name before, check this out:


For me, it's further proof he's what we need in Washington.


Greybeard said...

Thanks for the reminder and link, CJ. I remembered his name, and that his troops were extraordinarily loyal to him, but had forgotten the incident that forged that loyalty.

the golden horse said...

I am little curious as to what kind of welcome Chris Matthews thought should have been given?
After what has been done to the CIA, FBI, SS, our military, Our three Navy Seals. I can't imagine them feeling warm and fuzzy with this guy. You have to understand the skepticism there.

OuterMarker said...


OuterMarker said...

He reminds me of the first Battalion Commander I worked for as a brand new Lt in the Army, COL Michael Steele:

I would have gone to hell and back for this man. He inspired, led and challenged EVERY soldier under his command. Unfortunately, much like LTC West, Steele was reprimanded for the sort of thing, whereby we lost a TREMENDOUS leader.

Here is a YouTube video of the speach he gave to his troops before he left for Iraq...

When we feed men like this to the wolves, we are ONLY hurting ourselves and our soldiers...something the left and the media refuses to understand.