27 December 2009

Out of The Mouths of Babes

You'll recall we lost a young niece to cancer last month. She had two young sons, 9 and 7.
While in college, Jen worked summers with the Disney organization and had great benefits there, including great deals when she took the family to Disney World. She loved going there and continued that tradition even after she no longer worked for Disney.

Jen was cremated. Jen's husband Darren decided since Jen loved Disney World so much, it would be a great place to spread her ashes. He got the boys together and wanted to allow them to share in the decision...
"Boys, we want to spread Mommies ashes at the place she loved most."

"Target?", asked Kyle, the youngest son.

I'm sure Jen is watching, laughing.


Rita said...

I hope that made Darren smile for a moment or two. God Bless them. And maybe they should sprinkle just a tiny bit in Target.

Anonymous said...

Joe and I are heading to Panama City tomorrow to spread Joe's brother's ashes.

Lucky's ashes are stored in the closet. The next one to go, will go with Lucky. The last one to go, goes with ALL of us together.

It's the only sensible way to do it anymore. Hopefully the days of "viewing" and digging, and the post funeral "picnic" will one day drop by the wayside just like other antiquated rituals.

Target or Disneyland, it's a small world after all, and we can all rest peacefully anywhere.

cj said...

Gotta love kids. I think it's a wonderful gesture (Disney, not Target) and I hope they manage it.