02 December 2009

Elin Woods

Now, imagine her wielding a nine-iron.


Rita said...

I'd be a little more menacing (and alot less attractive) wielding that nine iron, but I sure might consider it.

cj said...

Now imagine the idiot husband who felt the need to cheat on her?

What the hell is wrong with men when they have women like this and still feel the need to cheat?

Thinking with the wrong head...


Rita said...

This whole story just saddens me. I really want to believe in guys like Tiger. He had such a squeaky clean imagine, this is just really sad.

On the flipside, I just think it's just none of our business, but I still read the headlines and find myself talking about the whole storyline, so I can't blame the media for being obsessed with the story.

Greybeard said...

So you've got this guy who is so superior to his competition most of us are worried when he turned professional because we thought he'd win ALL OF 'EM!
He's a good lookin' kid, bi-racial, so we can also hope he'll be a force for good, smoothing relations between the races and attracting blacks to a sport that needs more of 'em.
He makes a ton of money, but keeps that "squeaky clean image", marries the drop-dead beautiful and perfect blonde men dream of. He and his wife have a baby and all is apparently wonderful in Tigerville.
Uh.... not so fast Old Man!
Tigerville goes KABOOM!
Turns out he's mortal... has warts like the rest of us. Tiger is affected by money, fame, and being inundated with "interested" females while geographically separated from his wife like so many others we've watched.
And it's news because we're shocked...
Shocked that a guy who has "everything" is, apparently, unhappy.

Sad? You bet. But I can't throw stones at him, 'cause I sorta know what he's goin' through.

When he once again hits the links, what impact will it have on his game? We'll all be watchin', won't we?
'Til then, he's facing sleepless nights and lots of tears.
I hope he has close friends to keep him from harm.

Rita said...

As a good friend and I were talking today, no one would find this ridiculous story amusing if the man had been wielding the nine iron at the woman.

And ok, GB, be honest here. If you were forced to have someone come after you swinging a golf club, wouldn't you choose someone who looked like this? I KNOW my husband would. Hell, if she was wearing this, it would probably take a couple of good swings before he'd realize he was even being hit.

Anonymous said...

You know what they say, "No matter how beautiful the woman is, there's some guy out there who's bored with having sex with her."