24 October 2009

The "Working Vacation"

We left home last Saturday and flew Westward to Phoenix. The whole idea was that Sara Jean and I would spend one night in Sun City, collect our son, and head further West to Los Angeles. I had a refresher clinic to attend. Big Bubba hoped to schedule a few interviews with celebrities while I was in school. But gathering the family together would mean the drive to L.A. could be spent catching up on news, and the evenings in L.A. could be spent enjoying one another's company while going out to eat and doing other things after I was out of class.

The stars didn't align... literally. Big Bubba called several of the celebrity's agents he was interested in interviewing and NONE of them were gonna be available during the period we'd be out there.
Big Bubba started waffling about going. Torrance can be chilly during this time of year, so Sara Jean feared she wouldn't be comfortable spending time around the pool.
My family abandoned me. I drove out and back alone, listening to "The DaVinci Code" on CD...
Fifteen hours behind the wheel, out and back.
Do you think I'll ever try this again in the future? Ha!

For a week now it's been donuts and coffee in the morning, fast food at lunch, and whatever restaurant strikes me/us in the evening. Fat, starch, sugar, a little alcohol, and too many calories has been the order of the day. I know I've gained at least five pounds this week. I'm glad they don't weigh you and charge you by the pound to get on the airplane, 'cause the trip home for the two of us could break the bank!

I've got to jump in the shower, then pack my bag. We're goin' out to eat again, then heading for the airport. I hope to update you from home.
Be safe 'til then.

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