09 October 2009

More Thoughts On The Peace Prize-

Apparently nominations for the prize had to be submitted by February, so this nomination had to have been made what...
11 days after Obama was elected?
Tell me again, what had this man done at that time to deserve this award, other than not be GWB?

Some years back when the economy of the Soviet Union collapsed, in a political discussion with friends, I made the comment:
"We're in trouble now because we are the ONLY superpower in the world. Up 'til now, other countries needed/used us as a bodyguard. They won't need us now... in fact, they'll be frightened of our power."
Now they're watching as we are being castrated by this administration, and they couldn't possibly be more delighted.

Congratulations President Obama.
The future will tell if the cost was worth that prize.


Crown-n-coke said...

arafat the terrorist won it so did jimmy peanut carter and slick willie wow that's some company bozama is in huh? maybe the nobel prize used to mean something many decades ago, but now it's given to clowns. see ya all gone fishin!

Greybeard said...

A slight correction Cnc-
Bubba never got a Nobel prize.
Gore got it for "science" that is now proving to be junk.
I bet Bubba is fumin'.

cj said...

Speaking of small corrections - he was nominated 11 days after taking office, not after being elected.

Such a pathetic joke.


Crown-n-coke said...

your right GB, Gore was what I was thinking, but the Crown and Coke was typing for me