27 October 2009

Stored Food

More handguns than anyone needs... Check.
Short-range rifle... Check.
Home defense shotgun... Check.
Reach out and touch someone rifle (with Leupold scope)... Check.
Abundant ammo for all the above... Check.
Emergency "crank-up" radio... Check.
Bug out bag... Check. (Thanks Terry!)
A respectable amount of "real money"... Check.
One year of stored food... Gettin' there.

We have four months of "Nutrisystem" food in the closet.
"Dinty Moore" beef stew, "Sweet Sue" chicken and dumplings, canned tuna and chicken, and lots of large cans of soup are in the larder, along with a box of powdered milk.

Just to share with those of you as worried about the future as me, my Britisher Chief Pilot, who saw firsthand what happens when a country's economy falls apart, said "Rice!"
A fifty pound bag of rice at Sam's or Costco is cheap...
Will fill your belly with energy-producing carbs...
And will keep forever in a cool, dry storage place.

Thanks Phil. Anyone have further suggestions?


OlePrairiedog said...

Large First aid kit, with stores of preventative medicines, cold remedies,hydrogen peroxide, alcohol,First aid book,Dr's handbook of meds.Book of alternative medicines in nature.
Think about those medical needs that may come up and have the stuff on hand.
Don't forget Pasta. It keeps quite well also.

CJ said...

Bottled water - 3 gallons a day/per person/pet.


Unknown said...

Try the Mountain House brand of freeze dried food. Tastes good and has a 30 year shelf life. I got mine at www.thereadystore.com after watching the Crash Course at www.chrismartenson.com . You owe it to yourself to watch this if you haven't already!


Terry said...

Well that is a great collection. Don't forget the roughing it stuff like sleeping bags and rain coats. Need something for that camp fire of survial.
I have better get ya some more Ammo cans