19 October 2009

We Love Lucy

We found her on the street... a three month old pup. We brought her home and introduced her to Desi the Dachshund with a little concern... he's a territorial, bossy fellow.
Our worries were unfounded... they started friendly tussling with one another immediately and were soon covered with one another's saliva. We knew almost instantly she was part of the family. She was Desi's "Lucy".

Three months later Big Bubba moved to Arizona and took (his dog) Desi with him. Lucy remained and became the focus of attention in our empty nest. The Vet said she was likely a "Schnoodle"... a Poodle-Schnauzer mix. Nice to know, but we didn't care... she was turning out to be pretty special.
She was housebroken in record time. When we travel she sleeps. She never meets a stranger...
Turn her loose in a room full of folks and she "works the room"...
On the lap of anyone that welcomes her.
We cannot imagine life without her now.

So when we leave home, as we have this week, we fret about leaving her behind. We're fortunate to have friends that will dog-sit her, and they know how special she is. But we miss her, and we know she misses us. We love traveling, but these days we prefer to do it by car so we can bring our "Loose Goose" along.

Sara Jean, my Chicago "apartment" gal, never had a chance to bond with an animal as she grew up because of apartment life. It's been interesting watching her relationship with this canine grow. Lucy has improved my relationship with my wife.

Some people don't like Cats. Some don't like Dogs.
I don't understand any of 'em.
Their life is less than it could be, isn't it?


cj said...

I cannot imagine my life wih my furkids in it. I am definitely a dog person - tell me I can only have one pet and it will be a dog - but I can't imagine my life without my two cats now that I have them.

Yes, it's hard to travel when you have four-footed ones depending on you but they give so much in return. I figure it's worth the extra hassle. My dog goes everywhere with me, except to work or in the summer when it's too hot. If she can't come, I'd rather not go.


Cissy Apple said...

Lucy is a sweetheart! I think Rudy will get used to her after a couple more visits.