02 June 2007


Scanner is hooked up, and Big Bubba showed me how to use it...
Now all I have to do is sort through stacks and stacks of loose pictures and select the ones I want to share with ya.

On this one, I was scheduled to fly with Terry, and a monster was nearly at our doorstep. Luckily Terry had brought his camera, so we couldn't resist pushing the R22 over for this comparison shot-
the biggest U.S. helicopter ever made, next to one of the smallest!


Teller said...

I love those Erickson Air-Cranes. One came into Ames once...the thing parked a ways away from the building, but we could still hear the walls shaking from the massive amounts of air it was moving. Have you ever seen any photos or pictures of that thing doing aerial fire fighting? It's amazing. I can't quite tell, does the Robinson fit completely under it?

Greybeard said...

I can't remember, Teller.
I wanted a picture of the two aircraft together, and was quite aware of the fact we needed to be careful with the R22, lest the big "mantis" eat it... (the SkyCrane is built like a tank, while the Robbie is pretty fragile.)

My bet is that had we wanted, we could have put the R22 completely underneath the S-64.