31 May 2007

Do You Detect The Smell of Sulphur?

UPDATED, with a look from a different angle, by Roger Simon.

He doesn't like George Bush, so obviously he's a man of the people!

Taking up the cause of the oppressed people of the world!

Liberal Democrats all can unite behind this great man!

So a TV station in Venezuela starts telling lies about him...
what's he supposed to do?
He does the same thing any good Progressive would do...

he insured the lying stopped!
Thousands of obviously rich Venezuelan Republicans have taken to the streets to protest this great man's actions at furthering the needs of the oppressed.

We have a phrase for this, don't we?
And now that he's in trouble, where are these good friends?
Why aren't they coming to his aid?
Fair-weather friends, indeed!
Another TV station has begun to tell the same lies... more swiftboating!

C'mon Cindy, Danny, and Harry!
Show your mettle...
Rally behind this great leader!

1 comment:

Mike Poole said...

For a second I thought this was the Antichrist dude:

Then I realized it was simply Chavez.