10 May 2007

Barack Hussein Obama

Or as the inebriated Senior Senator from Massachusetts calls him- "Osama Obama"!
I've been fascinated watching his initial campaign steps, hoping he'd be a change from the Socialist-leaning party he represents. His speech during the Democrat National Convention indicated he might be a moderate. He was so new to National politics, none of us knew much about him.

Turns out he's a typical politician, living in a fabulous home none of the rest of us could hope for, accepting favors from contractors that show he too can dance the line of near-corruption. I'm sorry to have my hopes dashed.

Now comes this latest stumble, turning the 10 dead victims in Greensburg Kansas into 10,000 during a recent speech. Really, it's not a big deal... campaigning is tough and tiring, so all Candidates will eventually make similar mistakes. How much attention is drawn to those mistakes depends entirely on whether the Candidate puts a "D" or an "R" behind their name on the chyron on TV. No one will be talking about Obama's fumble for long, unless he continues to make similar mistakes.

Still, I wonder-
Bein' President of the United States is a tiring job. I can only imagine what it would be like to have every moment of your life scripted for four years, (or eight if you are re-elected).
Want some time to go fishing? You have to block it off months ahead of time, and even then you'll have a gaggle of reporters tagging along to see you bein' attacked by a killer rabbit!
And if some head of State dies while you are on vacation, your vacation is cut short so the U.S. can show proper respect.

The toughness of the campaign gives us an indication how a Candidate would withstand the pressures he/she will experience as President. It's seems early in this effort for Obama to be tired enough to mistake the Greensburg death toll by a factor of 1,000. The Marathon has just begun. What happens when he "hits the wall"?

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Anonymous said...

Desperation is a stinky cologne. And republicans tend to reek of it these days.