17 May 2007

The Hind

Hind is pronounced with a long-I sound.
I was flying Hueys in the Army Reserve at the time we first learned about the Hind, and we were terrified of this big, tough bird.
We were just beginning to consider the probability of helicopter to helicopter aerial combat, and the idea of taking on a Hind was something that caused us to wake at night in a cold sweat!

The Russians used the Hind extensively in their invasion of Afghanistan until the U.S. started providing Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to the Afghani resistance fighters.

Friend Mark brought this video to my attention. It gives ya a pretty good look at the Hind, and is interesting because the camera speed is in sync with the rotor RPM, which makes the rotor look as if it is completely stopped.
(Watch the landing gear retract.)
And if you're interested, there's a music video featuring several Hinds

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Mike said...

I am SO glad you addressed this. I was so exasperated with a guy the other day saying things like "It has vectored thrust. The blades act as wings when it's not turning. They made it this way so they can eject."

I really burned up a couple of years of my life stressing about this!