13 June 2007

I Left My Heart... In Pensacola!

I've written before how I'm uncomfortable with the use of profanity or vulgarities. I don't commonly use them when speaking, and the fastest way to get me to avoid a blogpost is to use profane or crude language.
I don't need to be "dumbed down" that way.

Normally I'll delete comments that use language I'm uncomfortable with.
In my first Blue Angels post I made an exception, because I honestly no longer want to share air with Liberal-Socialists, much less my tax dollars! In that post, others... not me, used the term a**holes, and mothaf***ers for such individuals. This time I left those comments... obviously those commenters think the strong language fits.
Me, I just think some "sheep" are incredibly naive, and like Neville Chamberlain in his dealings with Hitler, will one day look so stupid they won't even admit to having such opinions.

For more reasons than I can easily list, (but will one day try), I'm proud of my sister.
A Viet Nam era Navy Veteran herself, she has tried six-ways-to-sundown to leave a comment on that original post, to no avail. So she did something better...
She wrote her own profanity-free post.

Tough, sensitive chick, my Sister!

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