28 June 2007

What? Me...Worry?

Someone bold enough to leave a comment
authored by "Anonymous" (!!) called my blog "uninteresting"
and contends I'm preachin' to a choir of two of ya...
I know who the two of ya are! (I even know where ya live, so be VERY careful with your comments!)

Anyway, by now the two of you know the Senate's Immigration Bill went down in flames, much to the chagrin of Ted Kennedy and his bedmate, George W.
Good riddance.

Now what?
As dense as our elected representatives have been, there can be NO question we now have their undivided attention! So now that we know they are listening, which direction do we want them to turn?

I keep hearing the number... 12 million.
Twelve million illegals in our midst.
And that statement is always followed by the assertion that we can't possibly deport that many criminals. Or the statement is made that we need these folks to do work that normal citizens won't do. And my opinion is that this work would in fact be done by normal citizens if the pay was adjusted to meet market forces. (I expounded in an earlier post about the craziness of raising the minimum wage while paying such low wages for this type work... attracting illegals.)

Here's the deal from my perspective:
How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time!
First- build the damn fence we were promised during the Reagan administration!
That will stem the tide of humanity invading the country.

Then comes the "one bite at a time"... start arresting illegals when and where they are found, and insure we can identify them in the future. Those that are arrested for being here illegally must be made aware they will be ineligible for re-entry into the country. This will motivate illegals to leave the country if they hope to return and work legally.

Finally, Border Patrol agents should not be prosecuted for doing their jobs...
Release and re-employ Compean and Ramos!


Ian said...

Actually I think that there's at least three of us...

joker said...

I’m on your side and I would like to add my 2 cents worth about our Border Patrol agents: I’m not going to say in what capacity, but for almost 9 years I worked with border patrol agents that secured all our borders. I agree with you that border patrol agents should not be prosecuted for doing their jobs. They are sometimes under-equipped, under-manned, under-paid, and over-worked. Some have even been killed by the illegals and the drug carriers.

Controlling the 1,951 miles of Mexican border 24 & 7 sounds easy on paper, but is almost impossible. We could put a fence up, but they have wire cutters and shovels. The U.S. has found several tunnels that were dug between the 2 countries in highly populated areas; so one can only imagine what goes on in the unpopulated areas. There are over 300 million people that cross “legally” every year and our border patrol agents are there at those crossings to check for illegals, drugs, counterfeit merchandise, etc. So we’ve got a lot of our border patrol at the checkpoints everyday, and a few dozens more to patrol 1,951 miles. Border agents use horses, infrared devices, helicopters, ground vehicles, boats, guns and dogs. Still, the illegals and drug lords are getting through.

I agree with you about almost everything you said, except that just putting up a fence alone, will not get the job done, but it’s a start. The only thing is, it will take more manpower to maintain the fence.

I know of no easy solution to this; maybe build a great wall like China. In my opinion, I think a great giant wall would really put a damper on the illegal crossings.

Andrea Shea King said...

Number 3 checking in...

The one element you didn't mention is going after the employers of these illegals. Nip it in the bud --- arrest and convict or heavily fine the businesses that knowingly hire illegals. Run them through the IRS wringer.

Betcha they won't hire anyone even remotely resembling an illegal after that. Then watch the workers depart for greener pastures... it's already happening here in Florida in Bay County (Panama City Beach). The Sheriff there is busting business owners. (google Sheriff McKeithen and read the story).

Anyway, score one for the Americanos today. We beat them back for now.

Radio Patriot

OlePrairiedog said...

Halleluja, Amen, Woo Hoo, etc, etc etc. There are no jobs that cannot be done by someone that really wants to work honestly for a decent wage.

the golden horse said...

gkmawqaActually, I think you are up to six or seven now.
Anyway, I have to pass on a story from when I was working with tons of working vacationers coming north.
Now, these are suppose to be poor people. At least, that is what we are being told. Anyway, one night I was changing the station on the Satelite TV's where we worked, when one came up and said he could do it for me. I asked dumbly, "how do you know how to do it?" He answered, oh, I have one on my house in Acapulco. "What" I asked, innocently, "how can you afford that?"
Then the education of this former Hoosier began. About that time, all of the working vacationers surrounded me and started opening their wallets and showing me these $900 plus checks from our government.
Now these guys were dressed to the nines, living in very decent apts. and all had 3 beautiful children that they had for free at a wonderful hospital in our county. All had their Sat.TVs hooked up to their nice apts. and doing fine. They all were working for way over the scale and going to school for free.
I asked how they got the checks and the answer was, well, we come up north and work under our dad's name and sign up for assistance under our mother's name.
I was just stunned. My husband and I were working our buns off trying to follow the rules and taking care of our family legally and I have to hear this.
I gathered up the courage and asked the final question.
"Why do you do that?"
And their answer to me was, "because we can."

Oh yeah, a follow-up on the guy with the big house on the cliffs in Acapulco, he told me, by doing this, he will have enough money to go home in five years and live like a king.
Something is wrong here......
Maybe we should all retire South of the Border.

joker said...

Oh, there is definately something wrong here with our government, GH.
But how does it get fixed? It seems no matter who is in office, nothing ever really changes, except taxes! Oh sure, some things get fixed, but it's like filling in pot holes in the street, when we should actually be repaving the whole damn road!

I got one for ya: when I worked for this government org. (that I mentioned above), they had illegals working as janitors in the building. I know they contracted out to have the cleaning crew come in, but you'd think they (or someone) would screen them a little better. That was 3 years ago, maybe things have changed, but I doubt it.

the golden horse said...


You are so right, this putting a band aid on, when we really need a tourniquet to stop the flow.
Now for Chapter two of the illegals. Keep in mind I worked with about 15 of them for four years in one store alone, let alone all the other places I worked with them. They had informed me, oh, we all do it.
Imagine the financial hardship on the states where this is happening.
So after watching this for 2 years or so. I called the Hotline that plainly asks for you to help them. I gave the names, employement, home addresses, length of stay, names used, etc.
After one year, nothing had been done and to this day nothing.
Maybe Ca. deserves their financial woes.