29 June 2007

AStar/TwinStar Crash

A pretty dramatic video here of an AStar or TwinStar, I can't tell which, going into the drink. It's not good to jump to conclusions from looking at a video, but it sure looks as if this pilot was not in control of this helicopter. That four people survived this crash says a great deal about the toughness of the airframe!
I have 1100 hours in the AStar 350D (Ecureuil), and for the most part enjoyed flying that machine. But they sure seem to be having a rash of hydraulic systems failures in recent times.
The second video happened longer ago than I thought- 4May 2004.
If you are interested, the accident report is



Has the Greybeard ever had any mishaps with the machine?

Greybeard said...

"The Greybeard"-
he is embarrassed to have to air his dirty laundry on the blog!
Yes Dave, the Greybeard had a mishap...
22 March '88, at about 0300 hours, I was called to an accident scene involving a young pregnant woman who had fallen asleep at the wheel and crossed the Interstate median, striking an 18 wheeler head-on. The Landing Zone was tight- a fairly dramatic drop-off on one side, an overpass on another, and wires crossing close. The LongRanger I was flying had no searchlight... the only light I could shine on the LZ was the aircraft's normal landing/taxi lights.
I landed safely, but when I put the skids on the ground I found I was on an uncomfortable slope, so I picked the helicopter up to reposition it to more level ground. Moving the aircraft, I struck one of those metal stakes on the side of the road with the tail-rotor... the stakes with the silver reflectors on top. I just didn't see it.
I immediately knew what had happened and did a hovering autorotation to keep the helicopter from spinning out of control, but the damage was done... the patient had to be transported by ground, and we had to call a crane to load the helicopter on a flatbed to move it for repairs.

Almost 20 years ago...
The Greybeard thanks you for making me relate that story! ;>)