05 June 2007

Another Look At Secession!

Caution- Rant follows!:

Most would agree, this country is more politically divided than it has been in a long, long time... maybe even since the Civil War era.
I certainly feel it, and I'm not comfortable with it.

As a Conservative, I can no longer watch the news on ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, or either of the CNN channels. Deceptions or outright lies destroyed any credibility they once had. I continually gag when I listen to anything on National Public Radio. (I listened to and contributed to them for years... no more!)
I can no longer read the New York Times, Time, or Newsweek...
what I read or hear about the war in Iraq at any of those sources contradicts what my eyewitness- returning from combat friends tell me, or what I can read online from Independent News sources and bloggers who don't have an "I hate anything Bush/Military" agenda.

July of last year I jokingly wrote this piece about the possibility that more conservative citizens could form a Union with like-minded souls. As time has passed, I have given more serious thought to that idea as I have been hurt and disappointed by Liberal/Socialist friends and relatives. I no longer want to expend energy supporting people who don't share values I feel at my very core!

I admit that I smiled when this article was brought to my attention, (takes a few seconds to load). Obviously others, even folks at the opposite end of the political spectrum, are beginning to feel as I do.
C'mon folks, if Liberals and Conservatives all work together, we actually might be able to pull this off!

I'm terrified of what I see in the upcoming election.
I'm disgusted with illegal immigration, and I'm sick to death of folks that want to call illegal alien criminals "undocumented workers".
I no longer want to "Press One" to continue in English.

I'm tired of looking at the coming train wreck called Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security-
seeing Liberal politicians veto any market-based ideas about making those programs solvent.

I'm incredulous, having to participate in a government forced Ponzi scheme, with no private market-based alternative available.

I'm sick and tired of calling an efficient interrogation procedure torture, when it takes only a few seconds to COMPLETELY RECOVER after being "tortured"!

I'm at my wits end, being told to ride my bicycle everywhere or to use public transportation, while Liberal hypocrites arrive at Gala events in stretched limousines, or build 30,000 square foot homes with money garnered while making a mess of our medical system.
I'm just generally worn out by all the negativity.
And the capper... I know EXACTLY what the definition of "IS" is!

It won't be easy, but if we start the movement now, we might actually be able to get a Presidential Candidate talking about a peaceful division. It won't happen quickly, and we have to be careful in order to avoid the events that happened the last time a division of the country was attempted.
But I want to be surrounded by like-minded individuals...
I want to be surrounded by those that "do".
My heroes don't quit until they accomplish the goals they set out to achieve...
I no longer want to support quitters. They make my heart ache. They sap the lifeblood of the country.

Frequently, comments left here at "Pitchpull" by Liberals/Socialists indicate they'd like to be rid of me as much as I'd like to be rid of them...
Let's get the ball rollin'.
Talk it up. Blog about it. Talk with your elected officials.
It's something about which even Liberals can have a positive attitude!

What's sad about this?
I'm not sure I'm joking any longer...
Democrats have a vision for this country that I don't share.
They, and most of our Mainstream Media have an agenda...
They want George W. Bush... who was elected only because the other Candidate was a traitorous liar... to fail...
They want the country to fail.

Although I'm not sure they'd agree with my "secession" idea, I know I'm not alone in my feelings of discontent:
Go here, or here, and read posts and comments from others who are tired of the "same ole, same ole".

The phrase I used when trying to motivate Big Bubba is still true-
"If ya wanta keep gettin' what you're gettin', keep doin' what you're doin'!".
I want to quit hitting myself in the head with that hammer.

Educate me.
Agree, or disagree?



Welcome to the club.

OlePrairiedog said...

Oh, I so agree. But you knew that already.

Greybeard said...

But setting my secession plan in motion will require you to abandon your beloved New Mexico to the "Blues", O.P.D.!
Are you ready for that?

And of course you'd also have to leave your Governor, who either was... or was not, drafted by the Kansas City A's.
(How do you confuse such a thing?)

RR said...

Well, there is a lots of things I do agree, like the praying, and the name of God and some more, but being a LEGAL European immigrant, I do know from experience, that sadly lots of people who too harsh about illegal immigration, usulally dislikes legals as well but they dont say it loud cuz it is not quite polite. They tend to forget, some of their ancestors came here just like everyone who isnt indian. A part of them are racist too. I just hope you are not one of these persons. I dont agree with illegal immigration because of tax and other reasons, but that is a fact, they do jobs what most americans will never do. The other thing I cant agree with, is the "press one for english" part. We all know, that several south part of the usa, has been conquered. Of course this is better for them too, being a part of a higher economy country than they were. But it was an obvious thing, those people who lived there, speak spanish. So the illegal mexican immigrants has nothing to do with the press one. In fact, that is not a thing forced by the goverment, the companies do that voluntary so they can sell more. Nothing can stop this. Maybe if it would be probhibited which also would be disguisting, and would collapse the ideology of so called freedom. Or the other option would be, kill all the spanish speaking people. I bet that is one some people(?) would like to see.
In my opinion, this is a great thing that we have all kind of nations, races and languages in here. This is one thing that not much countries can claim. Even if I know this isnt appeal for some people. On the other hand, I do agree that anyone who comes here permanently should learn english at least basic communication, since that's the official language, and its a minimum you should do if you move to any country. I know, not too much people will agree these thoughts at this blog, but before cussin and cursin at the monitor, think it through again, if you put your hatred away for a minute youll find it logical.

Greybeard said...

Thank you, RR.
You don't know how much I appreciate your comments.

Andrea Shea King said...

This is the burning issue of the day, isn't it? I've written more about it, noting the opposing points of view of two other bloggers.

Thank you for including my post link on yours. You've said it well and I heard the same being said today by radio host Glenn Beck:

'if Liberals and Conservatives all work together, we actually might be able to pull this off!"

Keep the faith, and your powder dry.

Radio Patriot

cary said...

Sounds like I might need to add this plank to my platform...

The Old Man said...

Makes sense to me, GB. Who do y'all intend to invite to the Restoration.