30 March 2006

'Cause He's the Tax Man!

Someone kick my butt!

I hate this time of year.
I throw all my tax information into a box and wait until the last minute to sort it out and take it to my tax preparer.
Inevitably there is something missing and I have to scramble to find it.

Last year I waited until the 14th of April to begin my tax information gathering. I'm proud of myself this year for beginning before "the midnight hour."

I normally get a small refund, and so long as that is true
the 15th really isn't a deadline.
I've also heard there is less likelihood of being audited if you wait until the last minute.......

Yeah, that's the ticket! Less chance of being audited!

What's your excuse?


Flygirl said...

Ditto!!! Lousy time of year!!!!

I'm really stupid about it. I've had ours figured for over a month and still haven't sent them. They're done in pencil, need to be checked and finished in ink...I got us a really nice refund this year...AND STILL HAVEN'T SENT THEM!

My excuse: I'm Blogging and don't have the time for such nonsense!!!

As they say in Mexico: "talves mananna"!!! BLOG-ON!!!


Ok, I have no other choice: You're both grounded until you finish your taxes.


Flygirl said...

TWD: Whatever you do, don't ground us...especially GB!!! He's always "up there" doing good deeds!
TWD's gotta be a CPA...ha!
I promise to mail the Tax Man on Monday...promise...honor bright!
Just don't ground us!!!


Monday, or no collective for you, girl.

D Cave said...

I have always done our taxes. Every year since 197.... One year, just after we had our first child, I thought we probably had to have someone else do them. We now owned a home, had a new baby, etc. After getting them back from the preparer I checked them over and found an error that would have cost us $500. That was the last time someone else did them. For year after I spent hours poring over ever receipt, checking and rechecking every figure. Now, I use Turbo-Tax. What an incredible tool. I can wait until April 14 and have them in our post by April 15. It is great.