03 March 2006

Travellin' Man

(One of my favorite Bob Seger songs, by the way.)

We are headed to a VERY LARGE midwestern city to visit with Sara Jean's niece that is 3 months younger than she. I hate the long drive. I hate driving in all that traffic once we are there.
Let's just say, I hate the whole idea of going, but I'll enjoy the fellowship once we are there.

All this will culminate with the two gals oohing and ahhing over the Oscar presentations.
I've never quite been able to understand what the interest in
"The Oscars" is: A bunch of dysfunctional people vote on one another's job performance, and WE are supposed to be interested...............why?

Yes, I'll watch.
But do me a favor:
Pray for Scarlet Johanson to outdo herself with her choice of gown for the evening!
That would make the night worthwhile.


Purple Tabby said...

Is she the one who wore that sprayed-on dress?

Ferdyflyer said...

GB - Does Sara Jean know what you're wishing for?

Greybeard said...

Of course not.

Sara Jean is the only woman in the world I have any interest in at all!

Please disregard my comments about Ms. Johanson!

TwoDogs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
TwoDogs said...

I think Sara Jean wrote that last comment!

Ferdyflyer said...

Think it was censored?!

TwoDogs said...

My guess would be yes! And considering that I am going to be fishing (boat, big water, accident?)with GB in a couple of weeks, I'm not saying anymore about this subject...