19 March 2006

That's Why They Call It "Fishing"

A quickie update on our adventures.......

Not a nibble.
We spent 3 hours on the water in the morning, and a little over two in the afternoon, tempting fish to no avail.
We're told that's why they call it "fishing", not "catching".

Cloudy weather......forecast winds of 10-15 knots.
John caught one Speckled Trout about 16 inches long.

The wind picked up and put white-caps on all the waves.
We Northerners weren't too concerned, but Captain Tom was fidgety. He convinced us to put the equipment away.
As we were headed for home, the wind increased to 25 knots. Swells were 4 feet or so.
We pounded along for half an hour getting soaked by the spray.
A lure somehow found a way to hook itself to John's sweatshirt. I tried to detach it, but the ride was too rough, and Cap'n Tom sure as heck wasn't gonna stop to remove it under those conditions!
We were glad to make it back to protected waters.

No mas!

Thank goodness the restaurants serve fresh seafood dinners, because we're not doin' a very good job of putting the goods on the table ourselves.

One thing I can enjoy that the other guys don't give a whit about: There are plenty of helicopters flying around. Petroleum helicopters has a base here serving oil rigs just over the horizon with a Bell 407.
Yesterday we saw a BK117 headed Northeast up Galveston Island, then a short time later we watched a Bell 47 (the helicopter in the M.A.S.H. TV series) struggling against the wind Northeast bound, then return Southwest bound half an hour or so later. I don't often see a 47 fly these days, so it was a good memory prod.

Forecast today is for winds of 15-25 knots with small craft warnings. We are considering a trip to NASA to tour their facility.

I'll update you later.
Thanks for stopping by.


Ferdyflyer said...

Sounds like you're having a good time even if you aren't catching any fish. Just spending time together and catching up on each other's lives has got to be very enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your time together and maybe even catch a fish or two.

Rubberducky1.0 said...

I find its the time spent with my brother-in-law and friends that makes fishing worth while. Besides, if you catch it then you got to clean it and eat it. No thank you on both counts.

No greybeard no tailrotor got the upperhand on me and Im still kicking. Just running my rump off and forgetting the simple things in life.


Fish or no fish, have a good time.

the golden horse said...

I think it is the moon.

Aviatrix said...

Fishing is fun. It's like a treasure hunt. I used to sing special fish-attracting songs when I was a little girl going fishing with my dad. I don't think they attracted fish, but I enjoyed it.

The only part I don't like is the bonking the fish on the head bit after you land them. Some people just leave them to flop out their fishy lives gasping at the bottom of the boat, but I think that's cruel. They should be killed humanely.