22 March 2006

Galveston Wrap-Up

Just a few quick thoughts on the fishing trip:

The round-trip ticket on Southwest Airlines cost $187.
A one-way drive down would have taken 13 hours.
On the Interstate, I normally average 60 m.p.h., considering rest stops, gas stops, etc.. Our car gets 27 m.p.g. at this rate.
By my figures, that means the trip would have been something near 1560 miles, and if I had driven, I would have used 58 gallons of petrol. At an average $2.50 per gallon, cost of gasoline alone would have been $140+.
The flight was an extraordinary bargain.

Southwest Airlines has the security check downpat.
I showed up with my "online boarding pass" in hand, so I was able to walk directly to my gate. Going through security took all of 15 minutes.
I've flown a couple other airlines in the past year, and none of them come close.

Southwest used to be known for having "peanut fares" because they were one of the first lines to discontinue serving meals on their flights........
they give you snacks only.
On the package of peanuts they gave me was this warning:
"Warning: Machinery used to package this product may have come in contact with peanuts."
(I'm sure!)

Old friendships are special.
I've had only passing contact with the three High School classmates that were on this fishing attempt, and we were back perfectly comfortable with one another in less than an hour. The comfort level was such that we are planning a bigger/better "Fiasco" in the future.

Galveston is nicer than I expected. I've spent a lot of time on the Florida Gulf Coast lately, and it is very, very commercial there. Galveston is more "Ma and Pa" than that.........less stressful.
The beaches are not as pretty, but the comfort level may be a fair tradeoff.

Being near water.....anything larger than a puddle, is relaxing.

A friendly dog is a wonderful thing, even if he slobbers.

I've fully adopted the saying, "fishing was good, catching.....not so good."
We all commented before the trip that getting line wet was the goal..........if we caught fish, that would be a plus.
Starting off with that attitude was a good thing........
ounce per dollar spent, that one fish was unbelievably expensive!

I'm still conflicted about catching/killing my own food.
I felt sorry for that beautiful Speckled Trout when we put him in the box. Seems mighty stupid, since I ate a great fresh Red Snapper dinner at the restaurant that evening!

Returning from my vacation, I need a vacation.
It was good I had a one day cushion before I had to go back to work.

You don't forget how to play Euchre, even after 30 years.

And finally:
Being away from your home and wife makes you appreciate them both all the more.
I recommend the short separation.........your routine sure seems like a wonderful thing when it is interrupted for a short while!

Thanks for your comments, Pitchpullers.
I appreciate your kind thoughts.



Sounds like a great trip. And you are right about SWAs, they are the best and the only one I fly if I have a choice. Flying out of Sacramento to Las Vegas is breeze.

Flygirl said...

Love your "Wrap-Up"...you've said it all! It's just great that you guys made the effort to get together. It's a time that will not be forgotten by any of you.

Been in those rough seas before, and I'm very glad to hear that Capt. T. was fidgety. It's smart to respect the waters, but I'm glad the guys didn't know any better and just rode it out...sometimes it's just better not to have a clue!

I totally understand your reluctance to "kill". Each year I insist that we keep less & less fish. They are some of the most beautiful creatures that I've ever seen! It must be age creeping up on me...but when I'm on board, I only allow what can be eaten, to be taken! Hooker Lady's Rule!

Glad you're all home safe & sound. Pics forthcoming?