04 December 2005

Time To Spare? Go By Air!

That's misleading.

Things went without a hitch this morning.

First thing to report: Today was my first experience with the "Electronic ticket self service machine." Wow!

Long lines at all the stations of the ticket counter. No line at the E-Ticket dispenser. I walked up and pushed a button to start the process, it asked me to swipe a credit card, (for identification purposes only.....no charge).
A screen came up saying "Hello Greybeard! What is your flight number?" I entered my flight number and my intinerary came up on the screen with the question, "is this your itinerary?" I pushed yes, and my ticket dropped into the dispenser.

Done. The whole dog-gone process took all of 20 seconds!

Going through security was another surprise. I had planned for 90 minutes. It took all of 15.
I found myself at my gate almost two hours prior to my flight!
The flight to LAX was uneventful.........no food though.....beverages only.

The gentleman buying the helicopter arrived LAX 90 minutes after I did. We hired a cab to bring us to the motel. The driver was, as always, either Pakistani or Indian.
Nothing in the upcoming flight will have my attention like the taxi ride from LAX to our motel! The cab was an old Chevy. The brakes, (all four), were grinding like sharpening a machete on an old grinding wheel. Of course he had to prove how brave he was......driving 20 miles over the speed limit with brakes that should have been fixed in 1999. At one point the light surprised him, and we came to a sideways stop.......front wheels howling and tire smoke billowing.
(I don't think there was any extra charge for the display of driving skill.)

But we are safely checked in, fed, and ready to get started in the morning.
Thanks for your kind words, especially yours, Kit.
There is a power outlet in the helicopter, and while flying over a Starbucks or Panera Bread Company, I might very well have tried to see if I could get a decent wifi connection!

Keep me in your thoughts.
Tomorrow night......Deming, New Mexico, Lord willin'.


Infinitegtr said...

Wish I had more flexibility, and your buyer had more sensitivity to my personal schedule, would have loved to bought the first round. There are a few missions in San Antonio I still need to photograph, could have written the whole damn trip off.

Be Safe

Big Bubba said...

I keep telling you that security at our airport is faster than the McDonald's drive-thru visit. lol

Big Bubba said...

I keep telling you that security at our airport is faster than the McDonald's drive-thru visit. lol


Do a thorough pre-flight and we'll be checking in after you arrive in NM. Remember: Aviate, navigate, and communicate. No blogging in flight!