08 December 2005

Before My Debrief.......

I look forward to reviewing my low-level trip home from L.A. with you soon, but I'd like to give some of you time to do something so you'll get more out of it.

Have you downloaded "Google Earth" yet?
If not, go do it ASAP.
It's an amazing program that you'll enjoy spending hours on after you have it.

I'll be giving you coordinates of things we saw so you can see, via satellite images, some of what we saw along the way.

I think you'll enjoy my narrative a little more if you don't have to depend solely on my description of objects of interest to form a picture.

So go download the program. I hope to have my after-action report waiting on you tomorrow.

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Google earth is truly amazing. I downloaded it as soon as it come out. I'll orbit while awaiting coordinates.