05 December 2005

Dateline: Deming, N.M.

We're here safely.

All paperwork signed at the factory, and in the air by 10:30 this morning.
Getting out of the L.A. basin is the hardest part of this flight......
Obviously I'm relatively unfamiliar with the area, and there are several controlled airfields to talk to.

This helicopter is a good cross country machine. We have been averaging over 120 knots so far. The new owner is pleased with his machine.
It's Candy Apple Red with Gold trim and light saddle leather interior.

Helicopters are expensive to begin with. Avionics can make aircraft unbelievably pricy. He has equipped this machine with a normal VHF transmitter/receiver, a Garmin GPS with another transmitter receiver, and a Garmin 500 GPS with a collision avoidance system and XM receiver capability that can give you inflight weather reports!

I have to admit......I'm lost with this stuff. We both will have our face in the handbook trying to figure it all out tonight.

To follow along with us, we have been following Interstate 10 East. We landed at Blythe California for fuel, then went up to check out the Blythe Intaglios. (Google it.......pretty interesting stuff!)

Next landing was at Marana, AZ. just North of Tucson.
We then flew over the aircraft boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB.
Shortly after that, it got dark.
I gotta tell ya, I don't like flying a brand new helicopter after the sun disappears. We stayed right over the highway, and the helicopter buzzed along like a sewing machine, thank God.

Deming is cold tonight. 40 degrees when we landed, and they're predicting a low of 16.........let me say that again.........16 degrees tonight!
I had thought we might get an early start tomorrow morning, but with it being that cold, I don't want to start the helicopter unless we can get the engine warmed up some. We'll have to talk with the airport guys to see if they can pre-heat the thing.

Again, thanks to all for your supportive comments. All is well. This is such fun!
How do I do this full time?

With God's blessings, San Antonio tomorrow.
Watch this space!

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Pre-heat that baby, Greybeard. Thanks for the advice on the sign, and get your nose out of the book and fly the damn thing!!