04 December 2005

Cross Country

Freight Dogs like my friend John have a right to smirk a little about what I'm gonna post today.....

I've left myself in the position this morning of chasing my tail the way I wanted to avoid doing when I wrote "Rest!"
I'm off work at 6:30 A.M., leaving for my airline hub, and will be in L.A. this afternoon. Tomorrow I will go through the surprisingly easy process of signing for a $400,000 helicopter, and with the owner under my wing, will start beating the air into submission Eastbound along I-10 through El Paso.
The owner lives in San Antonio, so our plan is to spend Monday evening at the Grand Hotel in lovely Deming, N.M., then on to San Antone on Tuesday.
There, I will be forced to suffer the atmosphere around the riverwalk, no doubt consuming a Tecate or two and some sort of combination Mexican dinner Tuesday night, then Huevos Rancheros Wednesday morning.

I hope to be back home Wednesday evening.

I'm taking the laptop with me this trip, and, Wifi hotspots permitting, will blog along the way. Some of you have taken this trip virtually with me before......this will be my 16th trip back East from L.A. with a helicopter.......so you have an idea how wonderful this trip is for someone that is normally limited by the economics of rotary-wing flight to distances of less than 300 miles.
This flight will be approx. 1200 miles.........10 hours flying at 500' above the ground, low enough to read the exit signs on the interstate highway.

So stay tuned. I'll be back in touch as circumstances permit!



I'll stay tuned. I hope you have wifi access. Stay safe!

Purple Tabby said...

Ya know, Greybeard, every time I think I have a topic to post on my Blog, I read yours and realize how truly tame (if not boring) my life is! The topics just seem too lame compared to yours. :::smile:::

What a fun life you have!

Have a safe trip.

kit said...

just remember that the sterile cockpit rule dictates no blogging during critical phases of flight :)