18 December 2005

Gee Whiz Stuff

I'm a sucker for aircraft and sunrise/sunset pictures.

What you see here folks, is an F-22 Raptor breastfeeding from a KC-10 tanker.

I hope you know something about the F-22.
If you don't.....time to Google!
These fighters are now being delivered to Air Force line units.....and they are SPECIAL!

Another story is in order here......

A personal acquaintance worked in weapons procurement for the Air Force. He was involved in the testing of the F-117 Nighthawk, specifically the Radar signature of the aircraft. They were looking at the Radar when suddenly the aircraft's Radar signature doubled. When they looked downrange at the aircraft through binoculars, a sparrow had landed on the wing.
He confided that the B-2 Bomber's Radar signature was an ORDER OF MAGNITUDE less than the F-117, even though the aircraft is considerably larger than the F-117! Hard to believe.

We can only imagine how difficult it is to see the VERY stealthy F-22 on Radar.
Add to this the fact that the F-22 uses "vectored thrust" to make it extraordinarily maneuverable, and that it can achieve supersonic speeds without the use of afterburners, and you have unquestionably the most fearsome fighter in the world.

I stole the picture from

  • "The Officer's Club"

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