05 May 2005

Your Government Loves You!

Fasten your seat belt now! It's the law!
And although it is changing in some, in many states the law requires you to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle.
Yet the U.S. Government still subsidizes farmers to grow tobacco!
Remember the funny sound Tim Allen makes when he's confused?
Make it now!

I took a quick look at statistics for last year. Now, I know statistics can be manipulated, and in the case of smoking you cannot really pin down firm numbers for many reasons, but here's what it looks like:

42,800 dead in Automobile accidents.
442,000 dead due to tobacco related illnesses.
Granted, those that die from sickness caused by use of tobacco are older.....an average age in the 70's......and car accidents kill all ages....newborn, to old, old, old!

But it really does make me shake my head to think the same government that wants to make sure I "click it, or ticket", will pay someone to grow something that will kill me if I use it in the way it is supposed to be used!

If you see my "Uncle Sam", tell him I have a question I'd like to ask!

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