11 May 2005


Whenever a Major News Media outlet, (except Fox News), has anything to say about the '04 political ads run by the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, you can bet the word "mistruth" or "deceivers" will be used.

Yeah, all 43 guys that appeared in that ad, including the Congressional Medal of Honor awardees, are LIARS!
And still, Senator "4 month war hero" Kerry won't sign the SF 180. Why? Because the "meat" of what the Swiftees were saying was true!

The "buzz" is starting about the '08 campaign. You can't talk about '08 without mentioning "You Know Who", and Major News Sources are preparing us for the "deceptions" we will hear about Hillary Rodham!

"It would doubtless be a circus, a revisitation of the carnival ugliness that infested public life in the 1990s. Already there are blogs, websites and fund-raising campaigns dedicated to denigrating her. According to the New York Observer last week, these sites aren't getting much traffic—yet. But they will. I remember several conversations with Senator Clinton after her health-care plan was killed 10 years ago, and she was clearly pained—nonplussed by the quality of anger, the sheer hatred, directed against her. That experience would be a walk in the park compared to the vitriol if she ran for President. And while I'd love to see someone confront, and defeat, the free-range haters on the right, the last thing we need is a campaign that would polarize the nation even more. Indeed, we could use the exact opposite—a candidate who would inspire America's centrist majority to rise up against the extreme special interests in both parties."

This, from a Time Magazine article posted on Drudgereport.

You need to read the entire article here:

"free range haters on the right". "Precambrian right"........Is he referring to me?! Will this language influence me to vote Democrat?

And the comment about her health-care plan.....could it possibly be a fact that all of us that hate the idea of "Socialized" medicine were instrumental in killing it because the plan sucked?

No one can argue Hillary will be polarizing. She's a strong politician, smart as a whip, and knows how the game is played! She's already moving to the Center in order to be more attractive to "Red Staters"........she has no chance of winning without a strong showing in "Red" States!

I imagine a large percentage of women, (and indeed a number of men!), will vote for her simply because she would be the first woman Commander-in-Chief.

But writer Joe Klein, and other left leaners, would have you believe that we voters don't have the ability to discern truth from fiction.......we don't know how to use a butterfly ballot, so we need "smart" folks like him to tell us what is truth!

Please......just give me the facts. I'm old enough to vote. And I don't need some Nationally published "very smart guy" to separate truth from lie for me!

And Hillary's a big girl.......she can take it! We'll learn much about her as she defends herself!

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denicave said...

Don't sell women short. I know very few who would vote for Hilary just because she would be the first woman president. I know more Democrats that vote Democrat just because they are Democrat.

I would love to see Zell Miller run. How about Joe Liberman and Zell Miller? Two men with common sense and integrity. Of course, that would never fly in Washington.

Right now it is not very comforting to see what the Republicans have to offer for 2008. I would vote for Condi Rice in a flash; how about her and Rudy? Or Condi and Newt? That's kind of scary -although two very intelligent people who are not afraid of a fight.

However, I am more concerned about getting the up and down votes for the judges. The majority has so little backbone it is sickening. BTW - I am a registered Republican, but I vote for the candidate and not the party.