22 May 2005

Alcohol is a Powerful Drug!

"You have a scene response. Your patient is a 38 year old male with a head laceration. Your landing zone is the helipad at 'Littletown Regional'........the ambulance will meet you there."

Nine minutes flight time and we are on the pad, awaiting the arrival of the ambulance. A car drives into the parking lot and a woman gets out dressed in short-shorts and a halter top. She has the equipment to properly wear this uniform......

Two minutes later, the ambulance arrives. I stay and guard the still running helicopter as my crew gets in the ambulance and takes charge of the patient, prepping him for the 15 minute flight to the trauma center.

"Short-shorts" walks to the back of the ambulance like she knows what she's doing. No one challenges her.

When my crew gets out of the ambulance to move the patient to our stretcher, she bends down and says a few words to him. And I notice............no kiss.

He is so drunk he is nearly incoherent. He woke up in his bed in a pool of blood, and cannot remember how he got to the bed, or how he was injured.

"Short-shorts" is his ex-wife.

She says they were at the same bar earlier......but not together.

We are left to fill in the blanks of this drama ourselves.

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