08 May 2005

Crystal Gayle's Namesake

I'm in the land of "Krystal" hamburgers. I didn't know until I saw one of those "Behind the Music" special things that Ms. Gayle chose Crystal as her stage name because of her love of the little square hamburgers!

Crystal and I agree on "Krystals"!
I grew up in "White Castle" country. I also love them. As teenagers, late on weekend nights while out prowling around, we'd stop and get a bag of what we called "belly bombers" and have contests to see who could eat the most of 'em. Steve B. once ate 15 in one sitting!

Some readers haven't the foggiest what I'm talkin' about here.
These burgers are about 2" square. They are cooked by steaming on a bed of onions. The buns are steamed on top of the burgers while they cook. They have a distinctive flavor that seems to polarize people.......you either love 'em, or you hate 'em!

White Castles and Krystals are similar in taste. Krystals are larger, the bun is thicker, and in my opinion, the meat itself seems to have a slightly milder taste. I prefer Krystals......figures, doesn't it? The closest Krystal is 4 hours away from our home!

My nephew lives in Krystal land, but prefers White Castles. Forbidden fruit syndrome in action here? I made an agreement with him a year ago that I would bring him a box of White Castles if he would reciprocate with Krystals when I visit. So I brought him a box of 30 W.C.'s. So far, no Krystals have come my way. So much for buying White Castles for my nephew!

But while we're here, I scarf up the Krystals. Did I hear someone say "Root Beer Overdose?" Ahh....you've been paying attention! Makes me proud!


Oleprairiedog said...

I'm pretty sure you had Orange soda with your order of White Castles, but that may have been because there was no Krystal Palace there. Memory is going I guess. But I distincly remember the Orange soda.

Greybeard said...

For the rest of you folks, that's a memory from 38 years ago!
Krystals and an Orange Soda.....Yum, yum!