25 July 2010


That's the Headline on the daily newspaper put out to cover this show's events.
They've had rain almost every day for a week here, and there is standing water everywhere. They have had to turn airplanes away from the airport because they have no place to park them where they can be sure they won't get stuck in the mud. I imagine this is an organizer's nightmare.
We can only hope it doesn't rain for several days in a row so the grounds dry out.

I was up at 1 A.M..
On the road at 2.
Linked with Mick at 4.
Arrived OshKosh at 1.
And was on the grounds checkin' stuff out by 2 P.M.. Vendors are still putting up their wares. The show should be up and running full-speed tomorrow morning.

We are spending the night in the home of a local resident... renting space to sleep, shower, and grab a quick bite in the morning. I am right now literally beneath the downwind leg of the airport, about a tenth of a mile away. While unpacking the car we watched as "Glacier Girl" entered downwind to land. Exciting! (I'm having enough difficulty typing on this netbook tonight that I'll ask you to Google or Dogpile "Glacier Girl" on your own and learn the incredible story of that magnificent Fighter.)

So we're here safe and sound.
Even with the glitches this is still a HUGE event and I'm thrilled to be here.
More tomorrow.
Be safe and well everyone.

I can't help myself...
Go here and read, then watch the video.

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Man, SOME day I would LOVE to see the Oshkosh show!!

Keep the posts coming so I can live it vicariously.