09 July 2010

In November, REMEMBER!

My title, or something close to it, will no doubt be chanted by many at the top of their lungs during September and October this year.
If today's polls are any indication and the R's learn to just shut their mouths and let D's shoot themselves in the foot, we should be lookin' at some real "CHANGE" in our legislative branch in January of next year.
And I've been doin' some thinking about that...

There's almost no question republicans will pick up quite a few seats this election. There's even the possibility, however remote, that republicans could take control of the House of Representatives.
The Senate is a different story. Dems will remain in control there, although they'll no longer have a filibuster-proof majority. (The election of Scott Brown in MA did away with that anyway.)

I've been wondering for months now why the Obama administration would implement some of the things they have done that seem SO counterproductive to improving our economy...
More taxes.
More regulation of business.
Takeover of much of the insurance industry, 2/3rds of our auto producers, and control of health care.
In discussion with others I have asked the question-
"If this administration was systematically TRYING to destroy this country, could they do a better job?"

So look into your crystal ball and see if you see a different picture than me:
The November election passes and dems have their butts handed to them. Bozama still has much of his Socialist agenda to ram through, and knows he has November, December, and part of January to accomplish his goals. Lame Duck dems have nothing to lose...

How badly can they screw us?
Well, they can try to pass "Cap and Trade" and other laws that will send energy costs through the roof. They can also pass other "stimulus" bills to put our children and grandchildren further in debt.
What other radical legislation am I forgetting?

I'm frightened beyond words.
Law only applies to this administration if it furthers their agenda.
The end of the year may bring changes that make our country unrecognizable to freedom loving citizens.

Be prepared.
UPDATED: On the subject-John Fund's thoughts.


jinksto said...

You miss the big one, I think. Obama *wants* lame duck status. It's his goal. For two reasons:

1) it covers up for his incompetence and gives him a new reason to blame republicans for everything that he has or will fail to do.

2) It gives Dems a wake up call to pad the vote for his reelection in 2 years. If you thought there was voter corruption LAST time just wait until they see the end of their golden boy's reign.

the golden horse said...

I fully agree with you GB. We have had discussions over the past about this Prez and his agenda. I remember stating when he was in the running, something just didn't feel right. Call it woman's intuition or gut reaction, this man is not done.
I have tried to figure out why he hates whites so much, when it was his black father that abandoned him. It was his white grandparents, Communists that they were, that took him in, basically.
I remember him making a few stunning remarks about his grandparents, never to see it in print again.
I am not trying to make this a racial issue, I am trying to absorb where this is going.
Why he favors the Muslims is beyond me. When you go back in history, you will find that it was the muslims that held the blacks as slaves in Africa over 200 years ago.
Why is he so hell bent on destroying this country? Does he really care about her at all? I don't think so. All his actions so far has shown his hatred of the America as we once knew her. His actions speak volumns. He said to judge him by the people around him, well that is a scary thing.
I think he wants to bring her to her knees in such a way we will never recover. I hope he realizes there is a breaking point and the American worker will no longer take it and support the dead beats he is developing. When we stop working, he will lose his power because they will turn on him.
There have been a few previous administrations that I didn't agree with and even disliked and worried about, but for the first time, I am in such a great fear for the future of this country.
Another 2 1/2 years and we won't recongize her at all.
GB keep up the good work, we have to get the message out.

Bumps Stump said...

Greybeard . . . It gets worser and worser as America lets itself be destroyed. Will liberal [give it to me I'm entitled] people never learn. The sky is falling. The oceans are rising. And the oil flows [and flows and flows] while big O golfs and goes to parties. Nutso. I nominate Sheriff Joe to be the new national head of legal enforcement. How bout Mrs. Palin for ROP [set the agenda] and [raise the money]Chairman. Bump