18 July 2010

More This N' That

Sunday morning...
Our Saturday was pretty much consumed by the Concealed Carry class.
Saturday night The Old Man and his lovely Missus stopped by on their way West and we took them to one of our favorite "eat too much for your own good" dining spots. Bellies bulging, halfway home Sara Jean said "All I want to do is go to bed", and after letting the furkids out to do their business, that's just what we did. We had Tivo'd The Third Man a few weeks ago so I cued it up, to no avail. We were soon inspecting the inside of our eyelids.
TV off.
Wake refreshed at 8 A.M. intending to get out and get the yard mowed and other tasks accomplished, but there's a line of green/yellow/orange/purple stuff on the radar headed our way.
Go to Plan B...
Sara jean once again "needs" her hair cut. While she's getting even more beautiful, I can go to the big box store and buy STUFF... some that we really need, and the rest?
Well, you know how that is.

This will be a short work-week...
Back to work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights, I'll rest on Saturday because I'm headed North to OshKosh early Sunday morning with Mick, an old friend and former helicopter Student.
Even if you're not a pilot you ought to go to OshKosh and see this HUGE gathering of airplanes and pilots. There's a great airshow and enough other stuff goin' on to keep everyone entertained.

A little "After-Action" on the CCW class...
The class was taught by a former Marine... a Desert Storm Veteran.
There was another Marine, a Viet Nam Vet in the class. There is a bond between Veterans. The bond between Marine Veterans is even stronger. The Marines, even during the Viet Nam era, were almost all volunteers...
These guys volunteered for the Corps knowing more would be expected of them mentally AND physically. They're members of a special club.
Our instructor was the first guy I've met in years that occupies a spot to the Right of me politically. Guns and our freedoms, especially our 2nd Amendment rights, are his livelihood. He warned us about the way this administration intends to flank the Constitution about those rights-
They'll attempt it via International treaty. The first steps in that process have already been taken. If Obama and the left are successful in this effort, I think Civil War is a near inevitability.

Keep your eyes and ears open.
We can stop this from happening now and begin the process of reversing the terrible path this Nation now finds itself on.
President Soros?
Bite my backside.

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