22 July 2010


Thin skinned.
And when you make a point, they change the subject and don't acknowledge it.
This country is headed for a real catastrophe 'cause you can't discuss any subject logically with 'em.


The Old Man said...

Are the fiddy-tooers or the rest of us better prepared to actually earn a living?
Reality has a way of sorting this stuff out. Just ask 'em (as I have some of my lib-rul friends) "So, how's that hope-n-change workin' out for ya?"

Speechless is the condition they arrive at after blaming GWB. Good state for 'em.


In DC, some would call this post "hate speech."

Greybeard said...

I know Dave. Double standard.

Making a movie suggesting the assassination of GWB- Good.
Suggesting it would be fun to watch Rush Limbaugh die an agonizing death due to heart attack- Good.
Journolisters suggest grabbing someone and pushing them through a plate glass window- Good.

At some point, Conservatives sitting on this tinderbox will tire of this upside down, Orwellian world, and one of the more extreme of our political leanings is gonna strike a match.
Then, in this "Black is White" atmosphere, it could quickly spread out of control.
And liberals will still find a way to blame everyone else.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

That's a FACT, Jack!