21 July 2010


I was moving mulch when I heard the sound of the truck coming around the bend...
Once again, Brown was delivering another order from QVC. This happens often enough, I'm on a first name basis with driver "Tim". It's easy to forget... the only thing Tim delivers is boxes, not first-class mail, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised how little he knows about me personally.

"You plan on moving that whole pile today?"
"No, I've gotta quit in a few minutes and get a shower. I have to fly with a student at 4."
"You're an instructor? I've always wanted to fly helicopters. I fly a R.C. helicopter."

I quickly produce and hand him a business card.
"You have a REAL advantage, Tim. R.C. guys learn to hover in no time at all... it's just a matter of visualizing yourself inside the cockpit!"

"My schedule is full for the next couple months, but I could probably start in September."
"Great! Late September through October is the best flying weather anyway, once the morning fog burns off. I can probably have you soloed in a couple weeks!"
And Tim smiles.
He looks good, smiling in his brown uniform.
He'll be fun to teach.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Oh man, that's one of my past wishes. I SO would LOVE to learn to fly rotary. Problem is I'm just too damned old now. Shame on me for not going for it.


Greybeard said...

B.S. BZ.
In two weeks I'll have ya doin' circuits with no one in the left seat...
And I'm serious.

Terry (Fluidmaster) said...

Zeppelin, Greybeard taught me, Just tell your self it is a dream to come true, and don't buy a new truck. Just make payments for the helicopter learning.
I drove that truck for 300,00 mile to full fill that dream.
For I am a Helicopter Pilot now.

With that I saw again Graybeard my friend, THANKS for being part of the dream come true.