28 February 2010

Relighting The Torch At Vancouver-



cj said...

I didn't watch much of the closing ceremonies but I'm with you. That whole thing was cool, especially the fact that they gave that woman a chance at her moment.

Good on ya, Canada.


Clint said...

I agree!! it was very cool...
I watched almost every event this year...not real time...everything was DVRed. I thought this was one of the best Olympics I have ever seen (maybe because it was all in HD). But, it was awesome to see TeamUSA dominate the medal count. Vonn, Miller, Mancuso, 4-Man Bobsled Team, Shaun White, Apollo (just to name a few of my favs)...they all did great AND I was pumped for each of them....

cj said...

I agree with Clint - what I saw was pretty good but I've made a decision about those suits the bobsledders wear - it takes a certain physique... and Night Train isn't it.

But still, good job all around.