12 February 2010


We've been fans of the show "American Choppers" since the beginning. I don't think you had to be a fan of motorcycling to enjoy the show... the interaction (arguing) between "Paulie" and "Senior" always seemed scripted to me, to add a little spice to the show. But watching the bikes come together from just a concept was always fun.

The series came to an end last night with two one hour episodes running back-to-back. With my work schedule as it is I haven't stayed on top of the show this year, so the fact it was ending came as a surprise. Hearing it would be on two hours indicated to me there would be a big "final wrap-up", explaining all the goings-on with the Teutul family.
Didn't happen...
In the last hour they built a bike for Lowe's/Kobalt Tools and delivered it. It was a normal show... "Ooooh, Ahhh... beautiful!" Hand shakes all around... roll credits.

Senior has lost a lot of weight (and definition). He looks tired and sad.
Paulie has gained some weight and has apparently started his own graphic design business. He's now engaged to Rachel, a tall, long legged blonde I had never seen before. All things TV eventually come to an end, but for me, this ending was unsatisfying.

Today I'll be doing some poking around on the 'net to get some details.

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Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I used to watch that show a lot but somehow I lost it. I don't remember what cable channel it inhabited but, in my wanderings on DishNet, I don't remember encountering it in at least a year.

I enjoyed it too. But then the thing seemed to have disappeared. I thought Dad made a good "owner/leader" but, with an occupation like that, I was always surprised he didn't get his own hands into bikes more. When you own a business that you built with your hands, you don't customarily just step aside and not want to build things anymore. A builder is a builder is a builder. I've never known anyone like that who, one day, just decided they didn't want to use their hands anymore. I always thought that a very odd aspect of the show.