28 February 2010

Friendship, Mars Vs. Venus

She was nearly pulling her hair out.
I needed a very long extension ladder. Dennis has one I've used before. But I hadn't been in touch with Dennis since I last used the ladder... almost two years.
"He's gonna feel used. The only time you contact him is when you need something."

"He ain't gonna care. He hasn't called us either, did you think of that? Just watch..."
And I pick up the phone and call him.
"Hey Dennis, it's Greybeard. I need your ladder again... is it available?"
"Yeah, it's still laying against the shed. Come get it."

And after a little chit-chat to catch up on news from both families,
I hang up with a smile.


I've determined this is an area where guys and gals REALLY differ. Sara Jean's best friend will get into a snit if Sara Jean doesn't call...
Nevermind that the darn phone works both ways! It's Sara Jean's responsibility to call and make sure all is well. If Sara Jean waits too long, there are wounds that need to be salved before normal conversation can take place...

"Why haven't you called? Is anything wrong? I was SO worried about you!"
(I kibbutz in a whisper from 10 feet away... "Then why didn't YOU call to check on us?!")

Apparently it's a woman's rule:
Friends have to remain in near-constant contact. If you're really friends with someone you have to check on them with some sort of regularity.

I like the "Guy's rule" better:
"Hey, if ya need me... call."
There's very little maintenance involved, which eliminates a lot of stress and saves a TON of time.

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cj said...

I wish I could have that sort of a friendship.

Unfortunately, I've got too many of the other kind.

Yes, in my case, your theory is right.