25 February 2010

"Protect" It!

We bought our HD TV a couple years ago thinking we'd see things in HD when we turned it on. Not so, apparently...
The feed into the TV also has to be HD. I called "Dish Network" to find out how we could resolve the "problem". All I had to do was pay a minor fee and agree to an extension on my contract, and we too would have the ability to see imperfections on even the most perfect of Hollywood faces! Where do I sign?

Secondary receiver installed to receive the HD signal... old satellite receiver out and new one installed... turn that puppy on and let's see the result!
Yeah, it's better. To me, it doesn't seem like a HUGE improvement over the old picture, but it IS better. The main thing I notice is the colors... we now get both regular and HD programming on several channels so we can compare. Where we have a choice we'll watch in HD every time because the colors are MUCH more crisp and vivid in HD. I'm still waiting to see Jessica Alba up close so I can find something, ANYTHING wrong with that girl!

We spent a day or so surfing around, just getting used to the fact that we had so many channels in both regular and HD programming. When the newness had finally worn off and we found ourselves a little bored with what was offered we thought we'd watch one of our favorite movies... "Out Of Africa" to see how it looked with the new equipment.
It was recorded on the old receiver and it's long gone. ALL the movies we had recorded are gone. Ratz! So we started watching for our favorites again, recording and "protecting" them as we could. I was pleased to see "Out Of Africa" showing on "The Encore Channel" last night. I bookmarked it for recording, but I knew we'd be sitting there watching as it recorded. I say willingly and without reservation...
I LOVE this movie!

Meryl Streep. Robert Redford. The Serengeti. Mozart. Pre/post WWI culture in Kenya. Period costumes, cars, AIRPLANE(S)! This movie knocks me out. The story is an only slightly fictionalized version of Karen Blixen's experience in Kenya. It's beautifully filmed, wonderfully acted, and Mozart is Mozart... the music haunts me for days after I've watched it.

Several friends got into a discussion on FaceBook about it. I insist it's a "Chick-Flick", albeit a VERY good one, with enough guns and macho stuff to allow guys to not be ashamed to admit they like it. A "chick" friend, (who has NO VOTE in the matter), claims it's not a Chick-Flick.
It's a love story, written by a GIRL, for heaven's sake!
I love the movie and recommend it to all...
If you haven't seen it, get thee RIGHT NOW to your local movie rental place and put your money down.

But anyone who thinks this is not a Chick-Flick?
... Has to have "indoor plumbing"!
Am I right or wrong?

The trailer, which cannot be embedded, is here.


jinksto said...

Agree on all points. Fantastic movie, 100% chic flick.

Rita said...

Oh, I am just having waaay too much fun with this one.

First off, I never get offended by anyone calling me a girl or a chick, however I think I am too old to be considered a chick anymore, but I love to throw out the term because it's like throwing a grenade into the room when you tell a guy he eats chick food or likes chick flicks.

I'll have to admit, you GB are the exception to the rule. The only guy that seems to revel in being labeled as a chick-flick lover.

To be honest, I would have to watch OOA again to actually make the determination of whether it's officially a chick flick, but.....

We are still in serious disagreement over the gender ability of labeling a film a chick flick.

I WILL win this argument. We chicks ALWAYS win the arguments, surely you know that by now.

Were you eating a little tofu and having a strawberry daiquiri during the movie?