19 December 2008

Trip #19

Please, please, please, I want to get well.
Once again I'm headed to Los Angeles Sunday to spend the night at the Ramada Inn in Torrance. Bright and early Monday morning I'll sign my name to take possession of a machine much like the one pictured, then start Eastbound with it. This will be trip number 19 with a Robinson helicopter. I'm more concerned about weather this time than in past journeys... it's rained a lot in the Phoenix area this week. Maybe all that will be clear by the time we need to pass through. But the forecast is for a real "Alberta Clipper" to clobber the Midwest this weekend, and I'm a little fearful of what that might bring for my leg from EL Paso back into America's heartland.
Oh well, serenity prayer time, right?

We're still short a pilot at our base. I have to be back at my full-time job Christmas night. I need your kind thoughts and prayers.
Updates will be forthcoming.


Erik said...

O/T Did you know this man?



Greybeard said...

No Erik, Ed "Too Tall" Freeman was in Viet Nam three years before my tour there.
Winning the Medal of Honor pretty much makes you a household name in military circles though, so I was aware of him.
Quite a hero.

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip.
John K

CJ said...

GB -

You're in my thoughts and prayers, guy. Hopefully you'll get another pilot soon and the trip will be a smooth one!


Anonymous said...


If you happen to want company, I'm in Tempe and would be happy to meet you at Chandler, Stellar, Falcon, PHX, whatever. I'm a 50 yo commercial pilot, used to fly float planes, from Indy.

Just returned from ferrying a plane from Alaska.

Thx and Merry Xmas



Greybeard said...

Thanks Tim. I'll keep ya in mind. My son lives in Mesa but he'll be on his way home for Christmas. It never hurts to have another option, and I thank you for the offer. Weather (or other) troubles could very well mean your phone might ring!

Anonymous said...


I realize I didn't write what I meant to say - my excuse is I was tired, poor excuse. I was trying to say I (still) enjoy flying cross country, so if you want company, give me a shout.

Also, FYI, P19 (Stellar Airpark) 6-8 miles SE of PHX usually has the lowest fuel prices in the area, motels close by if you're RON, call for a lift....


The Old Man said...

I know you'll fly right - but try to sleep a lot more on the trip. SJ understands, but the envelope has been pushed - and we're not getting any younger, amigo.

Anonymous said...

Have a good and safe trip!!!! LEAD We'll see you on the next milk run. Yours Truly WARLORD 840