01 December 2008

Packin' Heat

"You were WHAT?!!"

I had never talked about it, so my son was surprised.
He was making a movie... a requirement toward his college degree. One of the characters in his movie was a cop doing a drug investigation, and my son had bought a cheesy looking plated pot-metal badge for the cop to flash in his movie.

"I was a Deputy Sheriff and I have a real badge and case you can use instead of that ugly thing."
"Man Dad! What else don't I know about you?"
Lots son.
Lots and lots.
I dug out my old badge case and he put it to good use in his film...
He got an "A" on that project, too!

My primary duty in what was, at the time, the fastest growing County in the Midwest, was to fly the helicopter to support the ground cops. Watching them doing their jobs convinced me I never wanted to actually do "Police work".
Even Barney Fife is at risk every day he puts on the uniform.

Wearing a regular holster in a helicopter is problematic. Those of you that have been reading "Pitchpull" since 2005 may remember I carried a .38 Special in a regular holster in Viet Nam and used it as genital body armor in order to keep it out of the way of the flight controls.

As a Deputy I carried a piece almost exactly like this one, and at the suggestion of another Deputy, carried it in a shoulder holster.
ON OR OFF DUTY, I carried one of these concealed in an ankle holster. During my three years as a Deputy I never had to pull either weapon from its holster, but it was always comforting knowing at least I had the .380 with me, "just in case".
(Along with some other nice, [bigger] hardware, I still have both guns.)

The latest Muslim savagery in Mumbai has badly shaken and angered me. I think, as a country, we are in BIG trouble because much of our population is still acting like the ostrich with its head buried... some of us refuse to admit we are at war with fundamentalist Muslims. It's my fear the fact we are at war will be obvious to all, and soon. Let me explain:

Watching my sitemeter, I've noticed an odd thing...
I'm now into my fourth year blogging, and in that time I've published 830 posts. One of those posts continues to draw a great deal of attention... This one.
Read the comments there, and realize I reject those that are profane or indecipherable. In light of the horrors we've just seen in Mumbai, I'm now wishing I could legally strap on that shoulder and ankle holster.
Police in Mumbai couldn't respond instantly to citizen's needs, and that's true of most communities...
The "joke" I often hear is "Minutes away when seconds count." Some of the Mumbai Police refused to do their jobs and defend the citizenry. What effect might an armed and trained populace have had on those events?

I fear for my family and I'm tired of being afraid. I'm also tired of feeling naked.
I refuse to be a helpless victim. It's time to get comfortable making tight groups in silhouettes again.


cj said...

Yup. We have the right to bear arms for a reason and now is the time we start getting serious about it.

Everyone should buy themselves a firearm before January 20th.


Cops cannot protect you 24 hours a day and personally, I'd rather defend myself.


ddf said...

I agree. Had a side arm in the Military many moons ago but haven't had one since, never wanted one in the house with kids around,etc. (Besides I thought there really wasn't a need for one.) Current events have changed all of that. It seems that Thuggery is on the rise, and not only with religious extremists.

The Old Man said...

I agree. Hell, Son got his CCW permit early this year due to the neighborhood he lives in in Cincy. The Chinese said it best: "May you live in interesting times."

cary said...

Never let them know how well armed you are, or how well trained your dog is.